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[APHxOC] Battling Hearts :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 3 3
[Cardverse!APH] Written in Blue: Prologue
Written in Blue
In a place not too different from yours, there thrive four kingdoms and their citizens.  In this place, there were no wars or quarrels or brawls or gambles.  This was a place where kingdoms coexist in harmony, their kings and queens being allies, not enemies.
This is the Land of Suits, four separate but equal kingdoms surrounding a body of water.  In the middle of this vast span of blue is an island, a meeting place for the kings and queens of the four kingdoms:  the Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, and Hearts.  Here is where my story begins.  Or, rather, should I introduce myself first?
My name is Alfred Jones, ruler of the Kingdom of Spades alongside my faithful queen and hard-working jack.  I write in this journal the accounts of my reign, all that has happened during my short rule as king over this land, in hopes that someone will soon find it and carry on my legac
:iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 10 7
[APH] America's Behavior Explained?... :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 14 6 [ANE] Yukio (Test Sketch~) :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 1 2 [MaxRide] Iggy Sketch Dump :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 12 8
Colors of a Dreamer
In a world without color
With a sky that's gray instead of blue
I find myself alone and sad
Without a thing to do.
I wish I could leave
Just spread my wings and fly
Into a world filled with color
Each thing painted with dye.
So I close my eyes and dream
About this place I want to see
Where the golden sun shines bright
And ocean waters gleam.
So suddenly, I emerge
Into this bright, glistening place
Color surrounds me everywhere
And a smile is on my face.
Gold is the color of my wings
Guiding me in flight
Navy is the color of my robes
Almost dark as night.
Emerald grass, sapphire waters
Span out before my eyes
And I'm the only one who's discovered
This diamond in disguise.
Weathered tan is the color of a palace
Looming in the distance far
Bronze is the color of its flag
Glinting like a star.
Landing in a bright green field
White creatures swarm around
Their crystal-like wings fluttering
Without a single sound.
I love it here, in this place
In this world so strange and new
I love the colo
:iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 2 0
[APH] This Is Where I Fall (WIP) :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 1 1 [ANE] Rin Okumura :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 13 3 [ANE] Gunpoint :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 17 2 Sketch Dump Of ME :3 :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 0 3 [APH] ''Let's go home.'' :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 18 6
[APH] Canada x Reader: Why.
"It must have been a place so dark, you couldn't feel the light
Reaching for you through that stormy cloud."

It was raining outside when you woke up that morning.  You could hear it pounding on the roof of your house as you mindlessly went through your morning routines:  Get up.  Eat.  Get dressed.
When it came time for you to dress, you eyed the black outfit you had bought the night before.  You never thought you would have to wear such an outfit to such an event.  As a matter of fact, you had woken up praying that it had all been a dream.  You had no such luck.
You were just putting the finishing touches on your dark eye make-up when your doorbell rang.  You didn't bother rushing to answer the door; you already knew who it was.
Opening your door, you found your life-long friend Alfred Jones standing there, also dressed completely in black.  You had never seen him so...depressed. 
:iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 80 92
[APH] LIEK, OMG :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 35 9 [APH] Ivan :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 2 0 [ANE] Mephisto Pheles :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 17 11 [APH] Can You Spot The Fake Italian? :iconxxcountrygrlxx:XxCountryGrlxX 55 40
:iconamericasparklesplz: :iconenglandsparklesplz: :iconcanadasparklesplz: :iconfrancesparklesplz: :icongermanysparklesplz: :iconitalysparklesplz:
:icongermanyraveplz: :iconcanadaraveplz: :iconamericaravepls: :iconenglandraveplz: :iconjapanraveplz: :iconitalyraveplz: :iconfranceraveplz:

Mkay so I watched Hetalia
And the countries were like :iconsexyamericaplz: :iconsexycanadaplz: :iconiggybrowsplz:
And then I was like :icondroolplz:


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Black Butler-Sexy and I know it :icondramawolfie:dramawolfie 144 94 Hetalia plus Black Butler :iconsapphyreedge72395:SapphyreEdge72395 2,770 494 Hunger Games: 'Extras' sketch dump :iconfortykoubuns:fortykoubuns 149 27 Flamelight :iconnekoni:nekoni 1,552 92 Photo of Brothers :iconmoharri:MoHarri 48 18 Son of a Sea God :iconskeetersaid:Skeetersaid 604 181 Water Tribe :iconcatchingkeys:CatchingKeys 6,780 813 Fashion Week: England's Waiter Outfit :iconask-matthewwilliams:Ask-MatthewWilliams 448 108 Ask Matthew Williams 6 :iconask-matthewwilliams:Ask-MatthewWilliams 358 91 Keychain Set - Axis Powers *ON SALE SOON* :iconjustmebeingadork:JustMeBeingADork 883 66 Ambar :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 728 52 Little Merida :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 605 26 Winged in the Dark Forest :iconfuzzricketts:fuzzricketts 40 36 CV_Queen of Spades :iconnami9393:nami9393 263 31 CV_Jack of Spades :iconnami9393:nami9393 142 11
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Hetalia Poke by xX-----Xx Hetalia Poke by xX-----Xx Hetalia Poke by xX-----Xx


Wow.  So much has been happening lately, it's kind of blowing my mind.  I never actually thought I'd have a life; I kind of miss coming home after school with nothing to do. XD

So asked out to the prom :bucktooth: And I'm a freshman still.  So me, being that weird derp that I am, kind of freaked out and now I'm all stressed about it ^^; I can't dance and I'm super awkward around people, plus I don't know anyone that's gonna be there.  But hey, this gives me an excuse to do my nails and hair all fancy-like xD //shot

I turned fifteen recently!  On my birthday I marched in the local St. Patrick's Day parade (instead of watching it, which was cool) and then I got cool presents and stuffs. owo  I GOT FrUK IN MY BIRTHDAY CARD ONHONHONHON.  That pretty much made my life.  :D  And now that I'm fifteen I can legally learn to drive!  And apparently, according to my Spanish friend, it's legal for me to have sex in Spain...or something weird like that... well I know where I'm NOT going any time soon. ^^;

Ah yes, school.  I recently finished a gigantic research study on HIV/AIDS that took up all of my time.  Now, we're learning about Romeo and Juliet.  We have to act out some of the scenes, and at the end of the unit my teacher said she's gonna set up the classroom like an arena, and we're all gonna have a gigantic sword fight brawl type thing. :bucktooth: She said she was gonna pair us up based on the kind of sword that we build (yep, we gotta build and design our own swords :I) and the last person standing with their sword wins an extra 50 points towards their final grade.  I'm half scared, and half excited to kick all the annoying peoples' butts in my class. //shoveled

Which brings me to LE WIPs~!  I just got done reorganizing my entire dA gallery, which definitely helps me a lot in terms of organization and stuffs *is totally OCD*... And lookie there, I still have a giant list of WIPs to complete!  ^^; the fact that I have to create a comic book in my free time doesn't help matters much

SO HERE WE GO.  LE WIPs BY MOI.  (Feel free to totally harass me to finish these, I need motivation.)
:bulletred: America x OC (request) :bulletred: 2P!America :bulletred: Canada (request) :bulletred: APH Heritage meme :bulletred: HetaOni drawings x3 :bulletred: Max and Fang :bulletred: Iggy x OC :bulletred: APH comic book thingy for art class :bulletred: New dA ID :bulletred:

I'm gonna keep this list with me and try to cross stuff off as I finish them.  Hopefully that helps, and by the time summer rolls around I'll be posting and drawing regularly here xD

  • Listening to: Pub and Go-- England Character Song
  • Reading: The City of Bones by...umm...
  • Watching: Nada.
  • Playing: I was just playing Amnesia '-'
  • Eating: Pretzel Crisps ^-^
  • Drinking: DEER PARK WATER. likeaboss


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Derp. :3
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:iconlawlietelleplz: :iconwasplz: :iconhereplz:

Well hai der. I'm just a random derp doing my derpiness on deviantART. I enjoy anime (obviously xD) and other stuffs. :meow:

Uhm, let's seeeee... I've watched Ao No Exorcist, Death Note, Hetalia, and Black Butler yes i know that's not much but im working on it XD. You'll probably see mostly Hetalia fanart from me, because that anime > everything. :bucktooth:

:iconomgkawaiiplz: :icontardboogieplz: :iconilikepieplz: :icondummydanceplz: :iconglompsomethingplz::iconnoglompingplz: :iconxddplz: :iconcheerplz: :iconlarrybothaplz: :iconamericaburgerrideplz:


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